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Mortgages for Buy To Let Properties

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Buy To Let

Buying a property to let is an exciting step, allowing you to generate extra income, secure a safe long-term investment or enter the rental market, which is perhaps stronger than ever.

Whether you are looking to become a landlord or wish to build upon your established property portfolio, it is essential to seek expert advice from an experienced mortgage broker in Ampthill who knows the ins and outs of BTL mortgages.

At Mortgage Store, we provide unbiased and transparent advice that is tailored to your needs, guiding you through the process of securing the best possible BTL mortgage. We will also help you achieve the best returns on your initial investment, thus allowing you to be in the strongest possible position to build your portfolio in the future.

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Why choose us?

  • We specialise in matching aspiring landlords, portfolio landlords and property investors with the best buy to let mortgage deal across the market.
  • Mortgage Store is a family-run business with over three decades of experience, based in the heart of Ampthill, Bedfordshire.
  • We make the process of obtaining a buy to let mortgage less stressful, securing the best mortgage for you, your budget, and your plans.
  • We assess all options from high-street banks to building societies, boutique banks, and specialist lenders, helping you find a competitive rate in this vast market.

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Can a first-time buyer get a buy-to-let mortgage?

Yes, it is certainly possible, but you will likely have fewer options to choose from. At the same time, the lenders willing to consider you will have a very stringent criteria, potentially viewing you as a risky borrower; therefore, they will be more cautious in their assessment of your ability to become a successful landlord.

In today's climate, you should expect to provide at least a 20% deposit of the property's value; however, the larger your deposit, the more likely your application will be accepted. No mortgage is plain sailing, but BTL mortgages can be risky and complicated. As the leading mortgage broker in Ampthill, Mortgage Store is always on hand to provide tailored advice, giving your application the greatest chance of success.

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Buy to Let Mortgages in Bedfordshire: Three factors to consider

  • Rent potential – the decision as to whether a mortgage will be offered is usually based on the rent you will earn (as well as your income). In most cases, the landlord's income will need to be proved.
  • Interest Rate – Buy to Let mortgages have slightly higher interest rates
  • Larger Deposit – typically, a larger deposit is needed for a Buy to Let property, especially for first-time BTL mortgages.

When buying a second property to let, as a private landlord, you will need to decide whether your primary objective is income or capital growth. Are you looking to make a monthly profit from the rent, or are you looking to make a long-term profit through increased equity over the years? The decision may affect the type of property you purchase and the location.

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How can we help you?

Whether you have always dreamt of becoming a professional landlord, need help 'porting' your existing BTL mortgage or feel ready for the fresh challenge of a medium to long term investment, our mortgage brokers in Ampthill will work tirelessly to ensure that your investment is a profitable venture.

We take the time to learn more about your unique circumstances, property goals and lifestyle into account, guaranteeing a smooth, hassle-free process from consideration to completion.

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