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Critical Illness Cover

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Critical Illness

Critical illness cover (CIC) is designed to ease the financial pressures when suffering a serious illness, paying out a lump sum on the diagnosis of a specified illness.

It is often ‘bolted on’ to a life assurance policy, known as ‘Life with CIC’; however, it can be a standalone plan. Most policies cover the three main conditions: some forms of cancer, heart attack and stroke. That said, a plan may cover additional illnesses such as kidney failure, major organ transplant and multiple sclerosis (MS), among others.

The quality of cover and illnesses covered can vary considerably between different providers. Generally, policies will cover 25 conditions or more, but you do need to check the details carefully, and that is why it’s so crucial to seek specialist advice. At Mortgage Store, we take the time to learn more about you, your family and the cover that best fits your needs whilst helping you understand the features of a policy so that you are appropriately protected.

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How much critical illness cover do you need?

This protection plan is designed for individuals or families who want a lump sum immediately if they are diagnosed with a critical illness. The lump sum could be used to repay a mortgage or a loan or cover a loss of income due to time off work, whilst it can help pay for any changes needed to your home if you become disabled.

At Mortgage Store, we can help you find the right plan that best meets your requirements. Our experienced insurance brokers are highly skilled in negotiating the most competitive premiums for our clients whilst dealing with insurance firms directly, accessing policies that are not readily available to most consumers. Also our advisors will help you with the completion of the complicated application paperwork.

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Knowledge is power & protection

With hundreds of types of critical illness plans available — all varying significantly from one policy to another.

Our friendly, transparent and professional protection advisers are determined to get you the best policy for your money, ensuring you have the protection you and your family deserve. For further information or to talk to our team about this crucial decision and the options available to you, please call us or book your appointment today.

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