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Lifetime Mortgages

With a lifetime mortgage, you can unlock money tied up in your property without having to move — receiving the cash in a lump sum or monthly instalments.

Whether you are eager to buy a new car, help family members with a deposit or want to make the most of your retirement with adventures overseas, you can free up some of the wealth in your home whilst retaining ownership and paying the sum back after your death, or when you move into long-term care.

If your home has increased in value over time, this form of equity release can give you the financial flexibility you need right now; however, there are risks, so it’s essential to seek professional advice if you are considering lifetime mortgages or any other equity release or later life lending solution.

How much equity can you release from your home?

Is a lifetime mortgage right for you?

A lifetime mortgage is very different to a traditional mortgage because the total balance of the loan does not need to be paid off by the end of its term.

The money borrowed for this type of mortgage will stay with you until death; therefore, it can mean fewer assets for you and your heirs. Mortgage Store is an established, family-run business, so we understand just how crucial it is to make the right decision for your future and that of your family. Although the final decision is yours, we recommend discussing the situation with your children to see how they feel.

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The later life lending market is evolving

To qualify for a lifetime mortgage, you must be at least 55 years old (or both of you, if you intend on taking out a plan together).

This type of equity release is ideal if you need cash for retirement, home improvement, topping up your monthly income or helping your children, whilst some of your property’s value can be passed on to your heirs. If you are considering a lifetime mortgage and want to learn more or wish to speak to our mortgage brokers in Bedfordshire about the most suitable later life lending options for your requirements, please request your free initial consultation today.

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Why choose Mortgage Store?

  • We will guide you through the pros and cons of lifetime mortgages, carefully assessing options to find the best fit for your aspirations and financial situation.
  • We are experienced in helping homeowners release equity with lifetime mortgages, with expertise covering all of the main types of loans, such as drawdown, roll-up, flexible, interest-only and enhanced.
  • Our mortgage brokers have strong credentials in the mortgage sector, with over 30 years of experience servicing people across the whole of the UK.
  • We are fully accredited with lifetime mortgage and Sesame certification.

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