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Other Types of Insurance

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Other Insurances

Mortgage Store has over three decades of experience helping people in Bedfordshire and across the UK gain the right insurance for their requirements.

In addition to our essential services covering Life Assurance, Critical Illness Protection and Wills, we also source the right type of insurance at the right price for you.

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Buildings insurance

With building insurance in place, you can cover the cost of repairing or rebuilding the structure of your property in the event of it being damaged or destroyed.

A building insurance policy can cover everything within the boundaries of your land, such as sheds, summer houses, patios, fixtures, driveways and outbuildings. Generally, this type of cover is intended to protect your home against Fire, Storm and Floods. Your cover is based on what your home would cost to rebuild. Your belongings are not covered; therefore, you may also require contents insurance to ensure you are well protected.

With leasehold properties such as flats in a block, the freeholder may have arranged buildings insurance for the whole block, so you may not need to arrange your own buildings insurance. Instead, you pay the freeholder a percentage per annum towards the insurance. Extra benefits may include:

  • Accidental Damage Cover
  • No claims discount
  • Legal liability
  • Metered Water
  • Costs for alternative accommodation

You will need to tell your insurer if you extend your property, build a loft conversion, or add a conservatory, as this will change the original policy.

The most common, cost-effective way to have buildings insurance is to have a joint policy of ‘Buildings & Contents’ insurance, but each can be arranged on a standalone basis if desired. It is always vital that you thoroughly read and understand the full policy terms and conditions. There is also an excess on each claim.

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Contents Insurance

This covers the loss of or damage to the contents of your home, such as your furniture, electrical goods, clothing and jewellery.

It’s essential to consider each policy carefully because each plan will offer different levels of cover. Generally, you will be covered against theft and fire. You have the option to insure against damage by accident. If you are not already covered by contents insurance, you may want to consider adding travel insurance for loss or damage to your personal belongings whilst travelling.

Your policy will pay a maximum on single items, yet you will need to specify the value of the contents. Some insurance firms limit the value of any one item under the general policy, so you will need to specify individual items such as expensive jewellery or electrical equipment like laptops and cameras.

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What level of cover do you need?

Some contents insurance policies offer ‘new for old’ — replacing old, damaged appliances and possessions with new ones when claimed.

Bear in mind that the premiums may increase the following year, or the insurer may refuse to cover you for the same risk if it happens more than once. Extra features may include:

  • Accidental damage
  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Deeds and personal documents
  • No Claims Discount
  • Domestic outbuilding contents (other than a garage)
  • Door lock replacement
  • Freezer cover
  • Garden furniture
  • Jewellery and furs
  • Money

There is also an excess on each claim.

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