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Many homeowners are not aware of the rewards that can be gained from remortgaging. Whether you want to lower your monthly payments, get a better interest rate, or consolidate debts, remortgaging can help you achieve your goals and shape a healthier financial future. In short, remortgaging is the process of taking out a new mortgage on the property you own, either to replace your existing deal or to borrow extra money against your property.

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When you remortgage, you switch to another mortgage product and, in most cases, another lender. Generally, people move for a better deal. For example, the introductory discounted interest rate on your mortgage may be coming to an end, meaning your current lender will transfer you onto their standard variable interest rate, which can prove costly. Therefore, by switching to a new discounted rate or a lower APRC (Annual Percentage Rate of Charge) with another lender, you can save a substantial sum long-term.

Another example of remortgaging is when you need to consolidate debts; however, this may not be the best option in all cases, so it is essential to get in touch with our mortgage brokers in Ampthill today. It is critical to think carefully and give yourself the time to assess all options before securing debts against your home. As an example, if you remortgage whilst you are still in penalties with your existing lenders, you will incur early repayment charges. A new lender may pay the valuation (survey) and solicitor’s fees; therefore, we will help you find the best product to transfer to without incurring costs.

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As an experienced mortgage broker in Bedfordshire, we can quickly assess your situation and help you understand just how much you can save on your existing mortgage. By learning more about you as part of your free initial consultation, we can evaluate your current mortgage situation and benchmark the most suitable mortgages — considering every fee to outline the true cost to you.

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We understand the different affordability and credit scoring criteria that mainstream and specialist lenders use, so we are best able to match you to a mortgage that fits your needs.

We can also search for many exclusive deals that are not available on the high street, ensuring you get the best deal. At Mortgage Store, we have helped thousands of homeowners save time and money by remortgaging. To speak to us about your existing mortgage, please book a free initial consultation today.

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